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Choose your pricing plan

  • Triathlon Coach I

    Every month
    Tier 1 of personalized coaching plans
    • Weekly personalized training program
    • Monthly phone call to discuss progress and assess health
  • Triathlon Coach II

    Every month
    Tier 2 of triathlon coaching
    • Weekly personalized training program, related to goals
    • Long term personalized training schedule to match lifestyle
    • Weekly calls and communication as needed to track progress
    • Adjustments to be made as needed
    • Motivationation to pursue goals and help with life stressors
    • 1 free form assessment for swim or run
    • Additional assessments ($30)
    • 1 free nutrition consult for race nutrition strategies
    • Post race assessments
    • Strength training tailored to athletes accessibilities
  • Run Training program

    Every month
    Tailored training program for run goal between 1 mile & 26.2
    • Training plan to complete goal race
    • Assessment of current fitness level and time to goal race
    • Capable of working with injured athletes
    • Additional charge for strength training to compliment ($30)
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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