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22 Weeks out from Ironman Lake Placid

I am currently 22 weeks out from Iron Man Lake Placid and I want to do a breakdown of my previous weeks training as well as my current fitness level right now compared to where I was the weeks leading up to ironman 70.3 world championships in St. George, Utah.

This training is based on training peaks data but I find it to be very accurate in terms of Heart rate:wattage:pace ratios. Meaning as I get fitter my HR decreases while maintaining or improving my wattage/paces.

I am currently in a strength-endurance phase of training. The goal of the past few weeks is to build a strong aerobic foundation, adapt to burn fats as energy for longer durations before my body taps into its carbohydrate storage, and increase mitochondrial density. A lot of training was done in zone 2 or LT1 (lactate threshold). I also added multiple strength sessions this week either immediately before or after an endurance set to stimulate fatigue and increase muscle resilience because a full distance Ironman is not just about endurance.

Here is a breakdown of my workouts for this week and I will break down my key sessions for the week as well:

Monday: 3000 yard swim, 40 minute trainer ride, 1 hour strength set.

Tuesday: 40 minute trainer, 1 hour strength set.

Wednesday: 2000 yard swim, 1:45 trainer ride.

Thursday: 3000 yard swim, 1 hour ride, 45 min strength set.

Friday: 1 hour strength, 1500 yard swim, 2:15 minute ride.

Saturday: 50 minute ride, 1 hour run, 3000 yard swim.

Sunday: 2 hour trainer ride, 30 minute run, 30 minute strength set.

Here is a breakdown of my week by hours. Some key sessions from the week include Saturday’s 50 minute ride into 60 min treadmill. The ride went was a short lactate threshold session to stimulate heavy legs right into a a treadmill run broken up as a main set of 3 rounds 4 min at 1% incline (flat road) 3 min at 3% incline to 1 min at 9% incline to 2 min 0% all at ironman pace. With 20 min at ironman pace to finish the hour. My run volume has been low due to Achilles injuries but so a hill workout is a great way to optimize strength while maintaining low volumes of running.

My next key session was the ride on Sunday which was a main set of 4 rounds as 12 minutes at ironman pace straight into 6 minutes at half ironman pace with 5 minutes recovery between the 2nd and 3rd round. I loved this set because the increase for 6 minutes stimulates a hill climb then recovery to a flat. Immediate after was a 25 minute incline treadmill workout right into a strength session with a focus on posterior chain work- lower back in particular.

Ultimately my fitness level according to training peaks is at 120. When I competed in st. George my fitness level was 127 and that was the fittest I’ve ever felt. So I am on track to surpass that number by lake placid! What makes me more eager/excited is that I performed well at world championships so with the goal to get to Podium at lake placid I think I have a chance.


Thank you for following the journey.

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